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Bleeding Fingers Music
1531 14th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404
+1 (424) 280-8660
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All the way from Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Christie is a proficient composer with a forte for fusing the music of the world with modern electronic and cinematic sounds. Growing up in a musical household would influence him to pursue the arts. After completing his degree in composition at the Box Hill Instritute in Melbourne, he moved to Los Angeles where his talents were quickly identified by industry icons such as Hans Zimmer. He previously worked as an assistant and additional writer at Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions.

Andrew is currently the lead composer for FOX's The Simpsons and has scored projects such as Alaskan Bush People (Discovery), Symphony for Our World (Nat Geo) and Roman Empire (Netflix). With wheels always turning, Andrew is eager to innovate and expand the definition of modern composition.
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